Wk2 – Activity – Spray Paint/Bubble Art

( I emailed you about a certain situation but have not gotten a reply yet so I will just blog without a picture for now…)

I got the chance to draw my name in these bubble shaped letters for the first time! It was a challenge at first, I have never tried anything like that before. It took mea  couple tries on certain letters to get them right but it looked decent in the end. I was a little confused on where to put the little mark to make it seem as if it had a glare from a balloon but I got the hang of it in the end. I wish I could have tried the spray paint as well but due to some circumstances I could not. I feel like it would have been a much bigger challenge than the drawing of bubble letters. I also think that it would have been a more hands on and creative activity.

I still looked at some classmate’s blogs and saw a couple of pictures. I was quite envious but I feel like I did much better on the drawing of bubble letters… (:
This was an interesting activity that I have never tried before and probably would have never done if not for this class!


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