Wk3 – Artist Interview – Yireh Kwak

Most of her pictures were very bright and upbeat to me. It gave me a positive mood and warm feeling. They mostly seemed as if they were landscapes or nature-ish paintings. There were no dark colors in any paintings.

She told us that most of her paintings will start out as sketches to get the general idea. When she worked on most of these paintings she had got little to no sleep. She worked on them during the time period of last semester and also winter break. If it was me I would never do work during the break from school. She also considers herself as an oil painter but sometimes works with acrylics and pastels as well.

She gets most of her inspiration from where she lives. She lives on a hill so she has access to a great view that can be her inspiration. But she also mentioned that some will just come from her memories.


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