Wk4 – Activity – The Mina Show

This activity was supposed to make us do something that we normally would not do in the usual day of our daily live’s. It was supposed to bring us out of our shell and be the person that we always imagine to be and not the shy and judgmental person that walk around campus.

For this activity I made myself do something that I usually hesitate to do and and should do more. It was to show love to my younger sibling. I don’t see her too much and I wish I was there for her more. But being the guy I am I never express that into words or actions. So this weekend when we were out with the family I got myself to giver her love from contact. I gave her a tight hug and lifted to her up and managed to snap a picture from my mother. She wasn’t used to it but I hope she will realize what it meant when she’s older.

Love, brother.


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