Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Cruz Valdez

To be honest I did not understand the concept of this piece at all in the beginning. It just seemed like a video that went back and forth and I had trouble with the meaning. All I knew was that it was a Louis Vuitton theme because of the introduction and the video.

So I went to ask  few questions . . .
I asked the first thing I should since I did not have a clue about this gallery and he told me that this piece was about exploring your identity and desires. He elaborated that he is  huge fan of the designer that is working with Louis Vuitton which explains the desire part of the art. He elaborated saying that the business strategy with emphasis on the clothes is what he is very interested in because not many high brands are doing the same thing.

This was not his first time doing video work like this and he actually has done a series before. This work was abstract to him which I still did not get at all. The purpose was supposed to be engaging in the shapes and fabrics in the store, him being only able rot touch the hems and privately record with his iPhone. He explained it exactly like this, “tracing my feelings and desires of fashionable accents.”.

Overall I think this is just the type of art work that I am not too into but can understand just a little bit of why it is considered art. Great work either way!


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