Wk5 – Activity – Kickstarter



In this technology part of kickstarter, I prefer the “CAMpanion” idea. I have my very own GoPro and it is true about what they said. It is very hard to use the app at the same time and the dark does not help me at all either. By putting the phone which displays the app and the camera together, it creates a much more simple task of recording or taking pictures. I feel like this product will do very well within the GoPro community.

On the other hand, this “KaliPAK” did not interest me at all. It actually made me think and argue that there are plenty of other options available. Our modern generators that use fuel is much more efficient in a way that If disaster hits, in many situations there is no sunlight. (Hurricanes or blizzards). This device which uses sunlight to charge will have no effect or any help in a situation. You cannot assume that there will be sunlight 24/7 and the video pitch made me fall away from this idea.



In the food section of Kickstarter, I prefer the “KegSmarts” over the “ISTID”. The KegSmarts is very innovative for the beer industry. I think it will be a huge asset to regular beer drinkers and enthusiasts who try many beers and buy many as well. It will keep your beer organized and at a temperature that is suitable for taste. It is very much different than just sticking it in the fridge. It also reminds you of the levels and information of the beer that you are consuming which is very different than the label on the back of the can or box. I feel like it can be a very interesting asset to bars and restaurants.

Now this “ISTID” is about ice cream that is made with liquid nitrogen. This concept is not very new and there are multiple shops that are doing well with this concept. To name a few around our are is “Creamistry” and “Ice cream lab”. While I watched the video I felt like they were almost just asking for money so they can set up their own shop. I feel like a kickstarter campaign should bring something new to the table and change this market but this video seemed like asking for a loan rather than pitching me a new innovative product. In my opinion the name is not very catchy either and the ice cream can and is already being made by companies better off.


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