Wk5 – Classmate Interview – Conor Hawks

Conor first approached me to do an interview. He seemed like a nice guy and easy to get along with. We started talking and we figured out that both of us have served in the U.S. military. (him being in the coast guard and myself in the army) He was deployed twice.

He grew up in Long Beach but went to school in Santa Ana. He commutes to school just like I do. He seemed like an active guy so I asked if he did any sports and he responded by telling me that he played beach volleyball and football. He also used to box and he goes to the gym frequently. My guess of him being an active person was spot on.

He is a very enthusiastic traveler. He loves to travel around the world and he’s been to way more places than I have or ever will. He has been to Europe, Columbia, Cuba, and much more. Since he loves to travel I asked where he would like to go the most and he said, Japan. I told him that Japan is a very fun place to be since I know so many people that have been.

I don’t have much family around so I asked if he does and he gave me a big answer, saying he has two sisters and there nieces, which makes him an uncle.

Some random things about him can be that he loves KBBQ and what intrigues him about art is the sculptures.

Nice to meet you!


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