Wk4 – Classmate Interview – Amy Chang

My first impression of Amy was that she did not look Korean at all. I would have never guessed she was Korean and I was very surprised and in shock when she told me she was. She assured me that she does get that a lot, people never know. She was even born in Korea! She went on to tell me that her family is very americanized (more than mine) and that she has two older sisters. I also guessed that she would be a 1st year but I was wrong again. She is a 2nd year like me.

She told me she went to Los Alamitos High School, which is a neighboring school from mine. This led along to our discovery of mutual friends. Even though she went to Los Al, she lived in various places that were in different cities such as Buena Park, Chino Hills, and Stanton. I have moved around a lot just like her. During her high school times she danced instead of sports.

I later figured out that she is a communications major. A major that I always wondered about. She likes to watch “The Office” just like I do and she also enjoys “Modern Family”. We’re all college students so I wondered if she worked anywhere and surely she did, at Brea Mall.

It was nice to meet you!


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