Wk6 – Activity – Yarn Bombing


My yarn bombing experience was a little bit cold. I decided to head out on a late afternoon or late night and it was pretty chilly. It seemed as if whatever I was yarn bombing was going to be more warm than I would ever be at that time. I had these socks that was definitely not the same material as our every day average socks, it seemed more like soft yarn or wool. It was perfect for this activity. At first I wanted to put them on the side mirrors of my car but it did not fit. I walked around a little bit but in the end decided it was the best to put them over the door handles.

I think I found the graffiti experience to be more fun and engaging compared to this activity. It just was more engaging and creative compared to this where you just put fabric over something. At least it seemed like that to me . . .

I think the paint bombing is more aggressive and masculine. It just can express your feelings in a stronger and bolder way. Bombing with year seemed just less bold but I would not say that it was a feminine activity. I don’t think the stereotype of yarn being feminine is right. Fiber art does not seem like a “women work”, it just seemed to be less engaging and bold. There is no feminine side to it at all. They are the same type of art, just one seemed to have a different feel to it compared to the other. As for our culture valuing things that men do more, that is totally wrong. Our culture is very into feminine products and endorsements are all around the world for their beauty and products.


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