Wk6 – Artist Interview – Christine (Wood Group)

I chose to walk into this gallery because I generally am very into woodwork and the possible things you can shape wood into. I love the polished look where you can make the wood seem glossy and a darker shade. As I saw the pieces I was into it very much.

As I finished my viewing of the art work I met the artist of the wooden table. She started off by telling us that she is generally into doing woodwork and finds it interesting. She is a general studio art student but once she took a shop orientation class she fell in love with the work. She also added on that she is into industrial design work since it both and to do with designing. That is why she likes to do anything that is sculptural to industrial. I personally would be into the same things and would love to take that orientation class as well if it was not for my major interfering. I just was generally into the same stuff she was.

The table that she worked now was not a small one, and as I found out later it took her over 3 semesters to finish the product. I would have never had the patience to work on something that long if I did not have the passion to do so. She even told us that she was in the learning process while doing this table and it was a very complicated thing for her. I would not enjoy doing this if I did not know what I was doing.

She told us she enjoys this because she can come up with any idea and get permission to make it and she can. I think that is a very cool way to make the learning process of woodwork fun and enjoyable. If I had all the time in the world I would choose this major for fun.

Amazing work!


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