Wk6 – Classmate Interview – Rogelio Avina

I actually met Rogelio on the second floor of the FA building. We both were going through the artwork with a friend and it just happened to interview each other.

Rogelio is a second year just like me, but I personally guessed he was a first year. It just did not seem like it to me. I had no idea what his major would be and I would have never got it right. He is a civil engineer major. As we went on with out conversation I found out that he was from Stockton. I knew of the place because of my North California based friends. But he told me that he had moved to Palmdale when eh was 5 years old. I have no idea where Palmdale is and never heard of it as well. I did not know where Palmdale is so I thought he commuted but he told me he was forming at Beachside. I asked if he enjoyed it and surprisingly he did not. He told me it was too crowded and small. Because of this he goes back home every two to three weeks to see family and friends.

I went on the conversation asking if he played any sports because I told him I played soccer. He responded by saying he used to play soccer as well and was in track during high school. We tried to find our tastes in music but both of us ended up agreeing on all types and having no favorite genre. I couldn’t decide on a favorite movie but he decide on fast and furious. I also did not decide on a favorite food but he did decide on seafood. His favorite place to go to get seafood is Bubba Gump, which I never have gone to.

I don’t have much of a big family but he has three siblings and is the oldest out of them. Something random about him is that he is really into cars, especially Ford cars.

Nice to meet you


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