Wk7 – Activity – Portrait Photography

This week we had to come up with an idea of ourselves in a “death” situation as a corpse captured in a picture. I was not too sure what I would do throughout the week and I actually had a different idea than the one I ended up doing but I just had the right moment and place to do it, so why not?

This weekend I went to go snowboard for the last time this season. It was pretty sunny but the snow condition was okay. As the day went by the snow started to melt a bit and it was getting slushy under the board. I was still going pretty fast and trying to do tricks off ramps and what not and fell a couple times after landing from a jump. On one of the times i fell i was laying in the snow for a moment to gather myself and remembered the assignment of being a “corpse”. I wanted to get a landscape view of me in it but it was too late to go uphill and had over the phone. I did a traditional selfie and as you an see in the picture the line i fell down slope above my head.

I was originally going to do a scene of myself eating too much and dying but this one worked out well too!


We had to visit the printmaking room in FA 1 after the interviews this week, so there I went. At first the door was locked maybe because I went a little early compared to the others but there was another door in the back which was unlocked. I had to walk through but got to see their work stations. I saw many of the different tools and works in progress as I went by. I thought it was very interesting that people made art like this and was more interested in the water station or whatever it is called. I am glad that class like this can be open to regular students and maybe if it wasn’t too late for me I would have taken it.


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