Wk7 – Artist Interview – Juliette Angulo

This was the first gallery open so I decided to walk in and look around and I was was immediately pulled in through the topic of the pictures. I am also in the US Army so I was interested more than a regular art 110 student would be in the beginning. I noticed the cut outs right away and did not get why it was like that until I did the interview. I saw many familiar moments and memories when I went through the pictures. The artist mainly does photos but has done murals recently. She also likes to do crafts.

As I walked out I got to interview the artist which was already sitting at the table. I immediately wanted to know who the cut out was and she told me that it was her sister. Her younger sister out of a family of her and an older brother. The cut outs were supposed to symbolize the absence of her sister and that made a lot of sense. It was her sister’s own personal choice to join and I respect that decision. Her family had mix feelings and emotions about it though. It was very shocking to the artist that her sister was not going to be home for a long period of time. She told us that the day her sister left she was a mess.

She got these pictures by visiting back and forth, three trips in one month to South Carolina and Virginia to take the pictures. The pictures go through a time line of two and half years. She also is stationed in El Paso which is in Texas. She told us that her sister will be coming back around July/August from a nine month deployment. Her sister is in a size year contract which is pretty normal for many. She said that it was hard at first but now her sister had accessibility to the internet which led to Skype and more communication tools. Even though she has contact she still is not okay because it’s not physical.

Cool work!


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