Wk7 – Classmate Interview – Julyssa Juarez

I was at the meeting place a little early so I just looked around one of the galleries that was open early and that is where I met my partner. I asked if we can do an interview and she politely agreed. We went outside to one of the tables where I was introduced to her as Julysssa. I did not have any idea how to spell her name but she made it easy saying it was “July” because she was supposed to be born in that month but was actually born a little later. Her parents still decided to keep the name.

I asked if she was around from the area and she told me she is from Bellflower/Downey. She’s a local so I thought that she would commute, but I was wrong. She surprised me by saying that she dorms at Beachside. She just wanted to have more freedom and experience the college life. Since she was locally around here I asked if where she went to high school and was told Warren. It was not too far from my high school so I asked if she knew of mine and was told that she had a friend that played volleyball there. It was a mutual friend as it turned out! She played volleyball at her school and actually has a job as a coach for younger players.

I always ask about family and she told me that she has two younger siblings, one eleven and the other five. I asked if she was americanized since I’m a first generation and she told me yes. She is an undeclared and freshmen at our school. I asked if she is liking the college life and she told me yes, that she even rushed for Delta Gamma but in the end was hesitant to join. Even found out that we had a mutual friend through that experience as well.

Nice meeting you


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