Wk8 – Artist Interview – Laura Scattergood

As I walked into this gallery, I was at first very intrigued by the mysterious feel. I did not grasp the work’s meaning at all at first until I read the statement and still had to look closer for details that I couldn’t find so easily. There were shapes hidden in the work and strings that had a weird sort of vision down the gallery.

After I looked around for a while I asked the artist what this artwork was supposed to represent even though I already read the statement. She told me that the strings attached forces the viewer tot he apex of the mirror, a forced intention to make the viewer see hidden objects in the gallery. The mirror was right in the middle so I asked about it and she told me that it was actually made by herself. I was very curious and she even told me that it was made last semester but she had to redo it because she used the wrong glue and it fell apart. The mirror had bullets around it and she assured it was fake and that real ones would be to heavy to hang the mirror. Now those bullets had to do with the side pictures on the walls that mimicked targets for practice shooting. She worked on this piece since August and even made the couch herself. That is very cool in my terms. She even decided to remake the couch because she didn’t like it… I would not work that much. She screen printed the curtain, hand wove the rug, and almost did everything herself except the curtain pole.

She feels that our society is too individualistic and that people only worry about themselves. She worked on this project because of the shootings and wondered why our world was like this. I almost feel the same way but would portray it a different way if I was a BFA in Fiber.

Cool work!


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