Wk8 – Classmate Interview – Ngoc Pham

As I came to class on Thursday I saw her standing alone on her phone while most of everybody else had partners already, so I asked her if she wanted to do the class interview. She agreed and told me her name and at first I did not get it right away. It was pretty hard to spell out when you hear it fort he first time. But I got it later and on and as we talked I found out that she went to Cypress High School which is the same high school that I went to… but she was a year younger than me. She still said that I looked familiar and had seen me around before. So… we had a bunch of mutual friends!

Any who, she lives in Newport and actually goes by “Savanna” for her name. I always ask about siblings and she surprisingly has four sisters and 1 brother. Which I’m very jealous of because I’m an only child and I always longed for siblings, especially older ones. She told me that she likes to surf which is not a surprise because she lives by the beach.

She is a communications major, which is not the first of the people I met so far. She lives in Newport but commutes, and I say this because it’s not that far but still a good drive to get to school and back. I know this because I had to drive back and forth last semester. She has a very americanized family and does work outside of school at a family hair and nail work shop.

It was nice meeting you!


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