Wk8 – Activity – Remix Culture

The internet is by far the most amazing and valuable tool to human beings. It is available to almost anyone in the world and contains the knowledge of every subject and matter that you can access at the touch of your fingertips. It allows us to see people’s works and study things we couldn’t have without the internet.

Through the internet many people can see your work and take it as they wish, but sometimes there is something called a copyright which stops people from doing so. Many famous or valuable “items” are put down with copyright so that others are not able to benefit from the same. I think it is very easily avoidable and people have done so around the world. At the same time I think there should be some sort of lenience towards it but harsh rules in specific conditions.

I chose to make a remix of the famous painting of Mona Lisa. This is a drawing that is known by almost everyone and has one original copy. I guess it would have a very big copyright issue. I got an app on my phone to do this project and it allowed me to put stickers or emojis you call it to put around the original picture. There were different attempts to this and I finally came up with a silly and childish picture that was in my mind.


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