Wk 9 – Activity – Architecture & urban Planning

Cognitive Map 


Recreation Center 


I chose the recreation center because I enjoy going to this place and see it every day I go to school.

Well about the current use of this building, it is used as in the title, for recreation. Whether it would be different kinds of sports or taking a jog/run indoors. You can lift weights and do various conditioning exercises. There are even cycling groups as there is yoga and other programs available. You can even do whatever you would like in the three rooms that are upstairs. It has a back component to its structure that gives students access to a swimming pool and jacuzzi, while on the side there is a outdoor beach volleyball court.You can even try rock climbing if you would like.

There is also something that people would not guess about the use of the recreation center that I figured out by talking to one of my friends. He and his friends use this place for choreography and break dancing practice. They use one of the rooms upstairs and have a daily practice with friends or themselves. That is something I did not think the recreation center would come to use to.

I got to see the history of this building from the website that was given to me by a worker. The recreation center was opened on September 20th, 2010. On February 27-28, 2007 students voted for a fee referendum to build this building and passed. And in June 2011 our recreation center received  the Athletic Business Architectural Showcase Award, and the next month the Recreation Management Architectural & Innovative Design Award. On April 2012 it passed a million people entering the building and the next month received the NIRSA Outstanding Sports Facility Award. The familiar Robeks in the REC was added February 2013. And finally the best worth mentioning, our school was in the Top 20 Most Impressive College Gyms and Student Recreation Centers.

My Model 


This is my idea of the recreation center that I dreamed of. As you can see it’s not perfect but it contains a component that it does not have as of now. The indoor soccer field. We have to share the space with volleyball/badminton and even basketball at times. Our recreation center already has three courts for basketball so I find this not right. I think we should have more options for every sport because not everybody plays basketball only. I also incorporated an indoor pool instead of an outdoor since it seems more popular, but I would also like to have an outdoor as well for the sunshine and pool parties. And I excluded the Robeks and study area because I did not know where to put them, but if there was more space I would include them in.


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