Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Lesley Nishigawara

I have no idea why, but this crazy connection of string that was heading in every direction seemed to catch my attention. It just was something that made me want to stop and try to figure out if it had a pattern or a certain sigh of direction it was heading with the different colors. Any who, I stared at it for a while and headed out to see that people were already interviewing the artist.

Since the interview already started, I was in the back listening to the others ask questions. She stated that this piece took her 10 hours to install, which is a very large amount of time. I personally would have been very frustrated and impatient doing this project. The material she used was vellum card stock and string from what I heard behind the crowd of other students. I heard that this was a master show for her thesis that she had to get approval from. (couldn’t really hear her voice but I hope that is correct). She also stated that she chose to go to Long Beach because of the Fiber program that we offered and she even told us that many other colleges don’t have this program available to students which I did not know and assumed it would be in every other college too.

Her artwork is supposed to represent “how information is revealed through systems and the resulting patterns they create.”. I had a hard time grasping this concept and even went back to read the statement a couple more times while I was in the gallery and after the interview session. But after I saw a couple more pieces of artwork and the remaining sentences I slowly started to get the concept.

Thank you for your time and work!


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