Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – J Perez

For the first time this week at art class someone asked me first to do an interview ! Just thought I should congratulate J Perez for that. Any who, he is the first person that I met in this class that is older than me and a grade above. While we were talking to each other I noticed that he was not writing anything down. He later assured me that he usually does not write and remembers most of the information.

He is a third year at CSULB and a Computer Engineering major. We talked about how I was always interested in doing his major as well and about how many math classes it came with to do so. As we talked on I asked where he was from because he was surprised that I was born in New York. He told me he was born and raised from Long Beach and since he asked if I liked New York I asked the same about Long Beach and he told me that he loves it. He actually went to school right across the street from our campus to Wilson High School.

The BIGGEST surprise I had while conversing with J is that he is married. He is married at the age of 20. He married last December to his high school sweet heart. The BIGGER surprise is that his wife is in our class too. This was just unbelievable to me and a big shock. You don’t see this kind of married couple everyday. It was sweet though, that they liked each other so much and the marriage was approved by the parents.

He asked me about any hobbies that I am into and I told him that I played soccer, and he shared his love for soccer as well. Told me that his brother works for Guess and he is abroad sending him pictures about soccer related things to him every now and then. He did mention that he grew up skateboarding though and soccer was just a side hobby.

Nice to meet you !


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