Wk 10 – Activity – Student Choice

What is better to do for a free choice than to go to an art show? It was not exactly paintings and sculptures like we see every week in class but the art as in musical artists. It was a junior high show of their students performing different instruments and even story like songs. It was for my very close family friend’s little sister which I see almost as my own. She was part of the advanced guitar group and had vocal parts as well.

I was too anticipated for her part that I did not take pictures for the other performances but I’m glad I at least for her parts. These kids that performed really surprised me with skills that I did not expect at all from them. I don’t think I could have done some stuff that they did even if I practiced for a while… Some of these kids had very amazing voices and acting talent that made me seem like a theater novice.

I realized art can be shown through people’s voices and musical instruments when organized in a certain way. It was my first musical show and I’m glad this was the first. The effort they put into this was really shown and just seeing younger kids perform on the stage was fun to watch. It really made me want to learn more instruments and have certain talents that I will never be a blue to get… They were just born for the stage!


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