Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Isiah (Group Exhibition)

To start off, this art work was something that caught my eye because of the color and texture. I mean, I am always into shoes so maybe that played a part in my attention. Anyways, it was a rack of shoes that had a pink and weird texture material all over it. After some observation I decided to approach the artist.

This is where I met Isiah. He is a 5th year on campus, a super senior! The reason for this was because of the fact that he took a while to choose art as a major. Before he was interested in film so he decided to explore that area and realized that he just did not have the knack for directing. He told us that he loves horror and fantasy type movies, even the movies that are rated D. He just loves those movies that others won’t, and can spend a lot of time watching them. I found this to be really interesting because I just can’t handle poorly rated movies.

He loves the idea of  a fantasy world, which kind of directed him into designing for movies. I do not have a picture but he had another art piece that was supposed to be a mask which turned out differently than he expected. Finally we got to the point about the pink stuff on the shoes. He revealed the secret to be peptobismol… Did not know why I could not guess that earlier. He took five hours to shop for the shoes, the right ones of course.

Thanks for the interesting artwork and good luck on your movies!


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