Wk 10 – Classmate Interview – Abby Luna

This week I met someone I met before. We had interviewed each other before but due to some curcumstances we had to hold our interviews off. Anyways we already knew some information so it was like a catch up session. We found ourselves to be the last two without a partner as well.

She is a first year at school and undeclared as of now. She told me that she is interested in the  medical field. She used to play basketball in highschool which I find very cool. I had many other friends that played girls basketball and found it to be familiar. She commutes from Downey which I have heard of but never actually visited. She has a very Americanized family which is unlike me because I am a first generation child. I kind of wish I had an americanized family. I noticed her hair was different and I was right. She told me it was her first time dying her hair. How good of a friend to notice huh? Haha, any who she is enjoying her time here at CSULB and enjoys this class as well.

During the interview we ask each other questions concerning each other about things we thought we remembered from the last interview but some information was mixed up from others and there was a little funny confusion going on. Well I hope that I’ll remember correctly next time!

Glad I got to talk to you again!


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