Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Susanna Ali

I chose this artwork because it was so small and looked as if it had no big significance. It did not catch my eye right away and took some time to go around the gallery for me to see it and actually be interested in it. But because it was so small and insignificant to the eye in the large gallery it took me to interest. After looking around a while I went outside to talk to the artist.

She wants to get a job or teach soon after she graduates. She ultimately told me that she had a lot of goals but she really just wants to get a studio so she can keep on working on her projects and do art. Someone asked her what will happen to her stuff after the show and she said that they will document it and tear it down. She sounded very happy about it and she told us that its really fun to tear it down. She told us that its a big stress reliever just smashing her work into bits and pieces.

For her work she usually tries to find places that are easy to dig and shovel the sediment out of. Before she actually does go out and gets sediment she plans it out before of how many bags and how much she will be getting. She usually has partners that helps her out, usually her dad. The stuff she does with her dirt is what I did not know. I thought she will just take the dirt and work with it. But she told us that she sifts through it and compacts it. The dirt that she used for this project was from the cemetery which seemed a little creepy to me but I guess it is some good quality sediment!


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