Wk 12 – Activity – Algorithmic Art

1. Find any book with considerable amount of text printed in it. 

2. Take each second word from each page. If page has no words go to the next one.

3. Stop when you reach page 25.

4. List these words in order and create a nonsense poem.

5. Put a period after every five words. 

6. If desired, put words in a certain order to make some sense grammatically. 

I was going for a nonsense poem that I can create from one of my textbooks used for my major. I enjoy my major so I thought it would make something pretty cool or enjoyable for me. I was wrong and it was a total nonsense poem it originally was meant to be. It made no sense whatsoever which you will see down below. I even tried to follow my step six for a while but could not make any sense of the words into a sentence. It was still interesting to follow the steps and go to each page to find a different word. I honestly was expecting to make sense out of it someway in the end. I got some great words that could have been used in the start and end of sentences. It just did not work out. Nonsense poems however are pretty funny.

“Most point three stated market. Final segment saw next it. If beginning any occurs do. Posting a hire hospitality although. Have the companies to educated.” 

There were some parts that could have made sense if maybe one or two words were different. It still somehow mirrored the book and made it sound like what I learn in the major. It came with words that are used frequently in my readings and homework which gave me a sense of similarity. It would be a total failure if used in one of my essays for class but since it is a nonsense poem it works out!  Maybe I could have executed step six if I chose more words or gone through more pages.


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