Wk 12 – Artist Interview – Ashley Sharpe

As soon as I saw a glimpse of this gallery, I was amused. I just saw cats everywhere. I think it was funny to me because cats are portrayed a certain way in the media these days. They are always doing something silly or showing aggressiveness to their owners and dogs. So I walked in and looked around. It was a gallery full of pictures of cats, even one with three eyes! I actually enjoyed quite a few even though I’m a dog person.

I went outside after I was done and the artist was already being interviewed. She thinks that cats relate to humans characteristically and I can agree to some sort of degree. She usually does art work on cats but she also has a series on food as well. Well what a amazing portfolio she will have! She told us that she has always loved cats, her parents had one while she was young and even her roommate has one as well. Her love for cats can even extend to lions of the same species. She loves her internet sensation cats like I mentioned above, for example the grumpy cat that is all over the internet. She even went to the cat exposition last weekend. Now I think that is a very devoted cat lover. I have never even hear of someone that went to a cat expo.

Her goal was to make an art gallery that was fun and playful but also professional. She likes to keep her artwork in her room as well. She goes out and photographs cats and that is how she got one of her works hanging in the gallery, the three eyed cat. One of her cats in the photo passed away and her work was a tribute to it. It was all about cats until she mentioned she still likes other animals such as forest animals or dogs. The crazy thing is that she has never owned a cat herself!

Well fun and playful work Ashley!


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