Wk 12 – Extra Credit – 12 Activities

Favorites : 3. Social Photography (Instagram), 6. Fiber Arts (Yarn Bombing), 9. Architecture & Urban Planning

3. I enjoyed the social photography because it allowed me to post photos that I was not going to post on my personal Instagram.

6. The thing I liked about fiber arts was when I was wondering around and putting my yarn sock on random things and seeing if it would work out or looked silly.

9. Architecture and Urban Planning was enjoyable because I actually thought about becoming an architecture when I was a child. It allowed me to live that dream for a while.

LEAST Favorite : 2. Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing), 11. Sculpture (Plaster Casting), 5. Arts Funding (Kickstarter)

2. I did not like the painting and drawing with graffiti because it involved us buying spray paint. It just was not a time for me to be able to spend money on something less important than other priorities.

11. This also is a similar reason to number two.

5. Arts funding was just not enjoyable because I could not find any sense of creativity or connection to art through this project.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108 Sometimes I find class to be long and hard to follow but mostly it always shows me something new and enjoyable to listen/watch. It’s a part of this art class that is important for our daily activities.

B. Activities overall They are enjoyable and different to what our daily student lives are. It makes me do something I would not have done myself and creates time away from other things. 

C. Artist Conversations This is a very sensitive topic. I was very surprised to the artist reaction to people’s questions. I think it was a normal question and there was no offensive means to it. These artists are our fellow school mates and I think they were expecting too much respect from us as if they were above us. 

D. Classmate Conversations These are one of the most enjoyable times in this class. It lets us mingle and meet more people which is something everyone should be doing in college. it also makes class more familiar since there are so many of us. 

E. Using Your Website Wordpress is not a hard website to use and I think it is great we can come back and see what we did throughout the year. It creates memories and gives us pictures of our new friends. I did not even know a free blogging site existed except tumblr. 


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