Wk 13 – Classmate Interview – Amanda Bjornstad

She was just drawing her note card to turn in when I asked her to have an interview. She agreed to it and we started off well. At first It was just talk about me and I was just explaining my life to her. When I came up to the point where I told her I was in the military she told me that her boyfriend is in the military as well and that she can relate very well. I thought that was pretty cool since she could understand what I was talking about when most people cant.

She is a first year and has gone through many changes in her major of study. At first she was a bio major and then she went to chemistry. Than for her third she wants to try nursing as well. She does not dorm like most of the people I have met so far and lives in Villa Park. She commutes a 30 minute drive which is a pretty long drive… She said there is no traffic so she doesn’t mind it. I drive a lot as well and I think I would get very bored it very fast. I asked if she did any sports and she told me very amazingly that she did gymnastics for over 13 years… That is a lot of dedication to something and I respect her for doing so. I don’t exactly remember why but she told me she has gotten surgery before. That is just not my thing and I never want to have surgery.

Very opposite of me, she has lived in the same house all her life. I think I would love the fondness of the house. I had moved way too much to call a place home. She has a younger sister and I have no siblings which makes me quite jealous. Oh and she is still 18! She started college when she was 17 and that is pretty young for a college freshman. Most people want to graduate and move on but she wants to go on to a masters and go on with school.

Very nice to meet you!


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