Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Beatrice Adanza


I met her when I was desperately looking for a partner to interview. She came a bit late as well so it worked out well since I went to look at the galleries first. My first impression was that she was very nice and sociable.

Anyways she is a first year like most people I have met in this class. But one thing that was different was that she commutes instead of forming. She is from Huntington Beach but originally from the Philippines. She has lived there for 10 years which is pretty surprising to me. That is very cool to me because it is interesting to me to meet someone that has lived in another country more than the one they are living in now. She is also a kinesiology major which interests me because I also wanted to try that major out.

She went to Edison high school and did track and field and soccer during her time. I did soccer as well so we had a mutual interest. It was weird to be told she does not like to go in the water at the beach when she lives right by it. She is the oldest out of three kids which makes me jealous because I’m an only child.

Some random facts are that she does not like eggs and only prefers them scrambled. She also does not like spicy food.

nice to meet you!


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