Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Joseph Lee

I was in the midst of making my note card when he came up to me asked me to do an interview. I did not look for someone yet so I gladly agreed. I’ve actually seen him around somewhere, but I just did not know where exactly. Any ways we got to the start and I finally found someone that was a second year like me. I really did not meet much second year students in this class. We just conversed for a bit and we found out that we have a mutual friend that is actually from my high school and his church. I knew I’ve seen him somewhere and that was online in pictures that my friend was in.

He went to Ghar High School which I actually had a close friend of mine go there as well. He knew of her too and was surprised that we knew each other. He is a kin major which is something that I wanted to do as well. He also wanted to be a cop which is something I had an interest in before and we had a good conversation about that for a while. He has been to the same school club that I have been to before which is KCCC which is a Korean Christian club. So we ended up having more mutual friends… I think you can say that we are supposed to know each other but somehow never crossed paths. I have played soccer in high school and asked what he did and he responded by saying he played football and tennis in high school. I have been pressured to play tennis as a child but just was never interested in it as much. We both play basketball for fun as well and actually might end up running into each other at the rec someday.

He has an older brother which is always a jealous trait for me since I always wanted an older sibling growing up and still do. I think we have much in common and even a lot of similar friends as well. I was glad to meet Joseph and I believe we will end up running into each other during the time I spend at school. Good luck to you on your personal goals and I really hope you become a cop like you dream of!

Nice to meet you!


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