Wk 15 – Artist Interview – Janelly Barragan

As all the other art pieces in the gallery, this was her graduating show case. It was some of her best pieces put on show and it definitely caught my attention. The one that caught my eye was the biggest one of all, a portrait of which seemed like her family and herself. As I got to the artist the first thing I asked was about the portrait, if it was a portrait or a picture at first then drawn. She answered by telling me it was a picture first and she redrew it. Any ways, she is a illustration major and is actually walking this month! She will be walking with a lot of my fellow friends.

She actually wants to work for bands a\like making album covers or posters for them. This was figured out when I asked if she had plans for after graduating. She received two grants for her future plans. I hope she does get to do what she wants and makes life an enjoyable one.

The pictures underneath her portrait was a very gory and scary looking piece to me and I had to ask what it was about. She told me that it was supposed to reflect on a song she listened to. It was supposed to match the lyrics of a song. If you look closely I think you can see some lyrics in the background.

On the left you can see another portrait of someone and I first guessed it would be a close one in the family or something like that but I was totally off. She told me it was the drummer from Blink182 which is a band I have heard of but never really listened to before. She even got to get it signed because she has met him before a couple times. And the portrait on the left was as I guessed it, a family member, her sister.

I asked how she got into art and she told me that ever since she was a kid she just was not interested in anything else. She even was a business major at first but switched to art later on. She just wanted to live by the “do what you love” mentality.

She actually had a deep meaning to her big portrait and it was supposed to be a big thank you to her parents fro supporting her in what she does and not giving up on her.

Thank you for your time!


Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Joseph Lee

I was in the midst of making my note card when he came up to me asked me to do an interview. I did not look for someone yet so I gladly agreed. I’ve actually seen him around somewhere, but I just did not know where exactly. Any ways we got to the start and I finally found someone that was a second year like me. I really did not meet much second year students in this class. We just conversed for a bit and we found out that we have a mutual friend that is actually from my high school and his church. I knew I’ve seen him somewhere and that was online in pictures that my friend was in.

He went to Ghar High School which I actually had a close friend of mine go there as well. He knew of her too and was surprised that we knew each other. He is a kin major which is something that I wanted to do as well. He also wanted to be a cop which is something I had an interest in before and we had a good conversation about that for a while. He has been to the same school club that I have been to before which is KCCC which is a Korean Christian club. So we ended up having more mutual friends… I think you can say that we are supposed to know each other but somehow never crossed paths. I have played soccer in high school and asked what he did and he responded by saying he played football and tennis in high school. I have been pressured to play tennis as a child but just was never interested in it as much. We both play basketball for fun as well and actually might end up running into each other at the rec someday.

He has an older brother which is always a jealous trait for me since I always wanted an older sibling growing up and still do. I think we have much in common and even a lot of similar friends as well. I was glad to meet Joseph and I believe we will end up running into each other during the time I spend at school. Good luck to you on your personal goals and I really hope you become a cop like you dream of!

Nice to meet you!

Wk 14 – Artist Interview – Elaine Kwak

I actually remembered interviewing the same artist before in the past. I had some memory about her work and where it was from, but I decided to make sure and ask again. I remember that she usually draws landscapes but also does other work. The work that was at the show that day was a landscape as well. Her landscapes are from her old home in Fullerton.It is located on a hill, and she explained to me that if she goes into the backyard there is a view by a set of stairs. Her process of her artwork is by drawing from observation and then paints with the memory she has.

Anyways, drawing and painting is her specific major and she will also be graduating this year. Since she is a painter I never thought she would use something else than paint but I was surprised to be told that she lets the oil paint dry and then goes over with it in oil pastel. I’m not much of an artist, but I am guessing it does make a difference in the work. If you actually take a closer look at the painting, you can see that the material is not a smooth texture which oil paint usual is. Since she is graduating soon I asked if she had any plans. She told me that she is applying for internships and jobs. She is also working on her portfolio. I’m surprised that she is still so busy because I thought that when you are graduating that people get to have some rest and leisure time.

Also as I mentioned, she does not only work on paintings. She told me that she works on other things such as figures even though her main focus is landscapes. As an artist I think I would only want to focus on one thing but she is of course a way more talented artist so it all works out for her (:

It was a pleasure to interview you again and see your work!

Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Beatrice Adanza


I met her when I was desperately looking for a partner to interview. She came a bit late as well so it worked out well since I went to look at the galleries first. My first impression was that she was very nice and sociable.

Anyways she is a first year like most people I have met in this class. But one thing that was different was that she commutes instead of forming. She is from Huntington Beach but originally from the Philippines. She has lived there for 10 years which is pretty surprising to me. That is very cool to me because it is interesting to me to meet someone that has lived in another country more than the one they are living in now. She is also a kinesiology major which interests me because I also wanted to try that major out.

She went to Edison high school and did track and field and soccer during her time. I did soccer as well so we had a mutual interest. It was weird to be told she does not like to go in the water at the beach when she lives right by it. She is the oldest out of three kids which makes me jealous because I’m an only child.

Some random facts are that she does not like eggs and only prefers them scrambled. She also does not like spicy food.

nice to meet you!

Wk 13 – Artist Interview – Shihori Nakayama

I chose to go to this gallery because the work I saw was so finely detailed. You really had to look up close to the drawing to see every little part of the picture. I was amazed by the smallest lines and fixtures in the drawing. After I took a while I went to get an interview. She said that she went to Cal State North Ridge before and her inspiration of her work is manga. I’ve always been interested in anime but never really dove into it or watched it. When asked how she made her drawings, she replied saying it was ink and pen drawings. I was just so shocked because of the small details. I was thinking that It would have took the longest time to even do a part of the drawing. She said she each one she did depends on the time because she will work on it when she is bored and has nothing else to do. She makes small pieces and puts them together into one huge piece.

When you look at her work you can see that it has animals in it like a cat for example. When asked why she said that she loves animals and are easier to draw than humans so she puts them in her works. She wants to make a portfolio and has started all this work since last semester. She does not plan ahead and free styles her work which is again a mind boggling thing for me. I just cant see myself with that kind of talent ever. She just draws by her memory and pictures that she sees. Some pieces were about herself seeing a cat int he street which amazed her because she does not see that from her area. Another work was her classmate that she incorporated into her drawing.

I think her work is very amazing and to fully appreciate it you have to take your time and look closely at it. Again it is a talent you do not see very much often and I think she can go far places.

Wk 13 – Classmate Interview – Amanda Bjornstad

She was just drawing her note card to turn in when I asked her to have an interview. She agreed to it and we started off well. At first It was just talk about me and I was just explaining my life to her. When I came up to the point where I told her I was in the military she told me that her boyfriend is in the military as well and that she can relate very well. I thought that was pretty cool since she could understand what I was talking about when most people cant.

She is a first year and has gone through many changes in her major of study. At first she was a bio major and then she went to chemistry. Than for her third she wants to try nursing as well. She does not dorm like most of the people I have met so far and lives in Villa Park. She commutes a 30 minute drive which is a pretty long drive… She said there is no traffic so she doesn’t mind it. I drive a lot as well and I think I would get very bored it very fast. I asked if she did any sports and she told me very amazingly that she did gymnastics for over 13 years… That is a lot of dedication to something and I respect her for doing so. I don’t exactly remember why but she told me she has gotten surgery before. That is just not my thing and I never want to have surgery.

Very opposite of me, she has lived in the same house all her life. I think I would love the fondness of the house. I had moved way too much to call a place home. She has a younger sister and I have no siblings which makes me quite jealous. Oh and she is still 18! She started college when she was 17 and that is pretty young for a college freshman. Most people want to graduate and move on but she wants to go on to a masters and go on with school.

Very nice to meet you!

Wk 12 – Extra Credit – 12 Activities

Favorites : 3. Social Photography (Instagram), 6. Fiber Arts (Yarn Bombing), 9. Architecture & Urban Planning

3. I enjoyed the social photography because it allowed me to post photos that I was not going to post on my personal Instagram.

6. The thing I liked about fiber arts was when I was wondering around and putting my yarn sock on random things and seeing if it would work out or looked silly.

9. Architecture and Urban Planning was enjoyable because I actually thought about becoming an architecture when I was a child. It allowed me to live that dream for a while.

LEAST Favorite : 2. Painting & Drawing (Graffiti Writing), 11. Sculpture (Plaster Casting), 5. Arts Funding (Kickstarter)

2. I did not like the painting and drawing with graffiti because it involved us buying spray paint. It just was not a time for me to be able to spend money on something less important than other priorities.

11. This also is a similar reason to number two.

5. Arts funding was just not enjoyable because I could not find any sense of creativity or connection to art through this project.

A. Tuesdays in UT-108 Sometimes I find class to be long and hard to follow but mostly it always shows me something new and enjoyable to listen/watch. It’s a part of this art class that is important for our daily activities.

B. Activities overall They are enjoyable and different to what our daily student lives are. It makes me do something I would not have done myself and creates time away from other things. 

C. Artist Conversations This is a very sensitive topic. I was very surprised to the artist reaction to people’s questions. I think it was a normal question and there was no offensive means to it. These artists are our fellow school mates and I think they were expecting too much respect from us as if they were above us. 

D. Classmate Conversations These are one of the most enjoyable times in this class. It lets us mingle and meet more people which is something everyone should be doing in college. it also makes class more familiar since there are so many of us. 

E. Using Your Website Wordpress is not a hard website to use and I think it is great we can come back and see what we did throughout the year. It creates memories and gives us pictures of our new friends. I did not even know a free blogging site existed except tumblr.