Wk 12 – Activity – Algorithmic Art

1. Find any book with considerable amount of text printed in it. 

2. Take each second word from each page. If page has no words go to the next one.

3. Stop when you reach page 25.

4. List these words in order and create a nonsense poem.

5. Put a period after every five words. 

6. If desired, put words in a certain order to make some sense grammatically. 

I was going for a nonsense poem that I can create from one of my textbooks used for my major. I enjoy my major so I thought it would make something pretty cool or enjoyable for me. I was wrong and it was a total nonsense poem it originally was meant to be. It made no sense whatsoever which you will see down below. I even tried to follow my step six for a while but could not make any sense of the words into a sentence. It was still interesting to follow the steps and go to each page to find a different word. I honestly was expecting to make sense out of it someway in the end. I got some great words that could have been used in the start and end of sentences. It just did not work out. Nonsense poems however are pretty funny.

“Most point three stated market. Final segment saw next it. If beginning any occurs do. Posting a hire hospitality although. Have the companies to educated.” 

There were some parts that could have made sense if maybe one or two words were different. It still somehow mirrored the book and made it sound like what I learn in the major. It came with words that are used frequently in my readings and homework which gave me a sense of similarity. It would be a total failure if used in one of my essays for class but since it is a nonsense poem it works out!  Maybe I could have executed step six if I chose more words or gone through more pages.


Wk 12 – Artist Interview – Ashley Sharpe

As soon as I saw a glimpse of this gallery, I was amused. I just saw cats everywhere. I think it was funny to me because cats are portrayed a certain way in the media these days. They are always doing something silly or showing aggressiveness to their owners and dogs. So I walked in and looked around. It was a gallery full of pictures of cats, even one with three eyes! I actually enjoyed quite a few even though I’m a dog person.

I went outside after I was done and the artist was already being interviewed. She thinks that cats relate to humans characteristically and I can agree to some sort of degree. She usually does art work on cats but she also has a series on food as well. Well what a amazing portfolio she will have! She told us that she has always loved cats, her parents had one while she was young and even her roommate has one as well. Her love for cats can even extend to lions of the same species. She loves her internet sensation cats like I mentioned above, for example the grumpy cat that is all over the internet. She even went to the cat exposition last weekend. Now I think that is a very devoted cat lover. I have never even hear of someone that went to a cat expo.

Her goal was to make an art gallery that was fun and playful but also professional. She likes to keep her artwork in her room as well. She goes out and photographs cats and that is how she got one of her works hanging in the gallery, the three eyed cat. One of her cats in the photo passed away and her work was a tribute to it. It was all about cats until she mentioned she still likes other animals such as forest animals or dogs. The crazy thing is that she has never owned a cat herself!

Well fun and playful work Ashley!

Wk 12 – Classmate Interview – Magdalena Acevedo

I kind of was late to getting an interview from a classmate since I chose to go around the galleries first, but luckily someone agreed to letting me interview them even though they already had one done with someone else. I met Magdalena while she was just on her phone doing her own thing.

She told me that she was from Moreno Valley and due to that she dorms at beach side currently. She is a first year like most people who dorm. She is undeclared but hopes to go into somewhere math related. I was pretty shocked about that since I don’t meet many people who “like” math. I might even think that this is the first person that I met that wants to major in math. We talked about Long Beach and got to the point where we were saying some parts are ghetto. She actually likes it here more and doesn’t think it’s ghetto as much people say because she has been to more worse places.

I asked if she plays any sports and she does. Water Polo. She actually plays for the school! I think that is very cool that she played in high school for one year and now is playing at the water polo club. That takes some pretty good skill… She is the oldest out of five children in the family and even the first to go to college. I’m the first to go to college here in the states. We had a similar topic to talk about which was her native food, tacos. I love their different meats and what not and we conversed about that for a while as well.

Nice to meet you!

Wk 11 – Activity – Plaster Molding

This activity was a little different for me because I was not able to go to the beach like the other students. But i was still able to make the plaster molding with sand and plaster in the home environment. Honestly I was really wondering on how I was going to be able to do this project and was even thinking about not doing it. But I got my butt up and went to buy sand at home depot and got plaster from an art store. I kind of wanted to do the foot but went for the easier route with the hand.

I imagined that it would come out nicely shaped and clean. I was way off on that thought and was wrong… I guess it was the sand and the way I took my hand out of it but it still looked decent. I felt as if it crumbled inside a little bit as I took my hand out but it was fine. I never made plaster before and before I watched the video I did not think it would be a liquid form and more of a clay and oatmeal consistency. I made the plaster and poured it in carefully and had to play the waiting game. I honestly keep thinking of the shape that it would come out and how amazing my hand would look during the waiting time but… expectations just ruin everything. It came out looking blobby but still okay as you can see in the picture. I wanted to take all the sand off but that didn’t seem possible at the moment.

Overall this project was a new experience for me and I am glad I got to try something new.

Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Susanna Ali

I chose this artwork because it was so small and looked as if it had no big significance. It did not catch my eye right away and took some time to go around the gallery for me to see it and actually be interested in it. But because it was so small and insignificant to the eye in the large gallery it took me to interest. After looking around a while I went outside to talk to the artist.

She wants to get a job or teach soon after she graduates. She ultimately told me that she had a lot of goals but she really just wants to get a studio so she can keep on working on her projects and do art. Someone asked her what will happen to her stuff after the show and she said that they will document it and tear it down. She sounded very happy about it and she told us that its really fun to tear it down. She told us that its a big stress reliever just smashing her work into bits and pieces.

For her work she usually tries to find places that are easy to dig and shovel the sediment out of. Before she actually does go out and gets sediment she plans it out before of how many bags and how much she will be getting. She usually has partners that helps her out, usually her dad. The stuff she does with her dirt is what I did not know. I thought she will just take the dirt and work with it. But she told us that she sifts through it and compacts it. The dirt that she used for this project was from the cemetery which seemed a little creepy to me but I guess it is some good quality sediment!

Wk 11 – Classmate Interview – Kat Pismenny

I met Kat through my friend that was already interviewing someone else. She was sitting next to the interviewee because they were friends. So while my friend did their interview I asked Kat if she can get interviewed by me. She politely agreed and we went on.

I honestly thought that I knew or seen Kat somewhere before when I first saw her. I couldn’t figure it out so I just went on with the socializing. She started off by telling me that she got her appendix removed over spring break. This was the first time I ever heard of this and I was really shocked to see her fine and walking around on Thursday. While I was still shocked she got me even more by telling me everyone in her family did except for her dad. I did not know wart to say to that except “oh wow”. She is a first year and is living in the dorms currently. Her major is journalism but wants to switch out to nursing. I have met now a couple people that want to go into that major in art class.

Kat had been to many places over the U.S. like growing up in Maine. Then she eventually moved to Sacramento and then to Missouri for High School. I think that is very cool because I have only lived in big populated areas such as New York, New Jersey, and California. I grew up in these areas by myself but she has two brother, one older and one younger. One is 29 and the other is seven. I am very jealous of people with siblings because I will never know the feeling.

Nice meeting you!

Wk 10 – Activity – Student Choice

What is better to do for a free choice than to go to an art show? It was not exactly paintings and sculptures like we see every week in class but the art as in musical artists. It was a junior high show of their students performing different instruments and even story like songs. It was for my very close family friend’s little sister which I see almost as my own. She was part of the advanced guitar group and had vocal parts as well.

I was too anticipated for her part that I did not take pictures for the other performances but I’m glad I at least for her parts. These kids that performed really surprised me with skills that I did not expect at all from them. I don’t think I could have done some stuff that they did even if I practiced for a while… Some of these kids had very amazing voices and acting talent that made me seem like a theater novice.

I realized art can be shown through people’s voices and musical instruments when organized in a certain way. It was my first musical show and I’m glad this was the first. The effort they put into this was really shown and just seeing younger kids perform on the stage was fun to watch. It really made me want to learn more instruments and have certain talents that I will never be a blue to get… They were just born for the stage!