Wk 15 – Artist Interview – Janelly Barragan

As all the other art pieces in the gallery, this was her graduating show case. It was some of her best pieces put on show and it definitely caught my attention. The one that caught my eye was the biggest one of all, a portrait of which seemed like her family and herself. As I got to the artist the first thing I asked was about the portrait, if it was a portrait or a picture at first then drawn. She answered by telling me it was a picture first and she redrew it. Any ways, she is a illustration major and is actually walking this month! She will be walking with a lot of my fellow friends.

She actually wants to work for bands a\like making album covers or posters for them. This was figured out when I asked if she had plans for after graduating. She received two grants for her future plans. I hope she does get to do what she wants and makes life an enjoyable one.

The pictures underneath her portrait was a very gory and scary looking piece to me and I had to ask what it was about. She told me that it was supposed to reflect on a song she listened to. It was supposed to match the lyrics of a song. If you look closely I think you can see some lyrics in the background.

On the left you can see another portrait of someone and I first guessed it would be a close one in the family or something like that but I was totally off. She told me it was the drummer from Blink182 which is a band I have heard of but never really listened to before. She even got to get it signed because she has met him before a couple times. And the portrait on the left was as I guessed it, a family member, her sister.

I asked how she got into art and she told me that ever since she was a kid she just was not interested in anything else. She even was a business major at first but switched to art later on. She just wanted to live by the “do what you love” mentality.

She actually had a deep meaning to her big portrait and it was supposed to be a big thank you to her parents fro supporting her in what she does and not giving up on her.

Thank you for your time!