Wk 14 – Artist Interview – Elaine Kwak

I actually remembered interviewing the same artist before in the past. I had some memory about her work and where it was from, but I decided to make sure and ask again. I remember that she usually draws landscapes but also does other work. The work that was at the show that day was a landscape as well. Her landscapes are from her old home in Fullerton.It is located on a hill, and she explained to me that if she goes into the backyard there is a view by a set of stairs. Her process of her artwork is by drawing from observation and then paints with the memory she has.

Anyways, drawing and painting is her specific major and she will also be graduating this year. Since she is a painter I never thought she would use something else than paint but I was surprised to be told that she lets the oil paint dry and then goes over with it in oil pastel. I’m not much of an artist, but I am guessing it does make a difference in the work. If you actually take a closer look at the painting, you can see that the material is not a smooth texture which oil paint usual is. Since she is graduating soon I asked if she had any plans. She told me that she is applying for internships and jobs. She is also working on her portfolio. I’m surprised that she is still so busy because I thought that when you are graduating that people get to have some rest and leisure time.

Also as I mentioned, she does not only work on paintings. She told me that she works on other things such as figures even though her main focus is landscapes. As an artist I think I would only want to focus on one thing but she is of course a way more talented artist so it all works out for her (:

It was a pleasure to interview you again and see your work!


Wk3 – Artist Interview – Yireh Kwak

Most of her pictures were very bright and upbeat to me. It gave me a positive mood and warm feeling. They mostly seemed as if they were landscapes or nature-ish paintings. There were no dark colors in any paintings.

She told us that most of her paintings will start out as sketches to get the general idea. When she worked on most of these paintings she had got little to no sleep. She worked on them during the time period of last semester and also winter break. If it was me I would never do work during the break from school. She also considers herself as an oil painter but sometimes works with acrylics and pastels as well.

She gets most of her inspiration from where she lives. She lives on a hill so she has access to a great view that can be her inspiration. But she also mentioned that some will just come from her memories.

Wk2 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley


He was inspired to the art world by being an environment and geology major, which he saw art through.
He does not like to work with a conscious mind because he does not want to overthink is work.
His favorite color is pink but it is very hard for him to find pink glass.
He has been at CSULB for about 6 weeks and has been working here.
The reason his glass pieces are set upon something that is not glass to make it more obvious of its glass content.

I think that is is nice he gets to work on something he enjoys and get paid as well. I also like the idea that he does not “overthink” his work and goes along with what comes along. And it is also interesting that I never thought about pink colored glass before. I also find it clever to place his artwork on top of something that is not the same material so it can stand out more. That is something that i would have not thought of and it is interesting that he sees art in things I do not. He gave me a new perspective on what you call “art”.