Wk4 – Artist Interview – Daniel Rivera

I chose to walk into this art gallery because of the lighting and the colors. It intrigued my eyes so I decided to take a look. It was blocks with tears in them and arranged in any manner. They all had strings attached to them as well. It was lit under a black light to make them pop some color.

I decided to ask what this project was about . . . He told me that it was about breaking away from the traditional way of thinking. (which was the rips in the blocks). It’s also about chance, and how you are finding yourself. I also asked why he did this project and he replied with a very simple answer, saying that he was bored so thats why he did it. It was also done during the winter break.

As an artist it was his first time doing something in the dark, which I actually really liked compared to all the other works which were paintings or sculptures. It was just something different than the other ones.

The logistics of this piece was that the blocks were 2×4 and they were painted and layered with paper/plaster. He had his friends help him on this project. He had them in a factory line position, each person having their own job to do.

A little random fact about him is that he likes to play the drums!


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